the fun part of this new router is the many, many options I can click to make my things not work.

admittedly its better than everything being abstracted away but good lord.

I love USPS. The router set to be delivered Monday is arriving today from California, taking like 2 days tops.

B@D delayed further due to the fact AT&T didn't give me a normal router, so guess who just bought a Protectli.

nearly a month later and still no part 2. some weird thing regarding how NATted VMs are forwarded has taken me a fortnight to fix and its still not seeming to work. I may have to kill the emuk8tor project and just come back to the concept of federating when I have more resources.

On the day that the final component for my new servers comes in my monitor decides to crap out.
What cosmic entity has it in for me and setting up these machines?

I know this is my professional account an all but forgive my venting,
I've had my eye on these servers for a while, when I got the money and messaged them the person said they were still for sale but after further inquiry they just stopped replying and reading my messages altogether. Really wish I knew what happened as it would've also come with a proper router vs whatever AT&T provided me.

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Next phase of B@D has been put on hold indefinitely because the person whose servers I was trying to buy seems to have ghosted me.

I guess I need to go out and find alternatives. Still though I would be lying if I said I didn't feel miserable about it.

I have half a mind to put this project off until I get the actual servers in but that seems... silly as this was meant to make sure everything worked in the meantime as it takes a while to get new hardware.

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my whole "doing a cluster on 3 virtual sites" thing goes right down the drain when I grossly overextend my computer's available RAM and crash the thing.

Now I have to revise part 1 to only have 2 sites, with 2 control planes and 2 workers.

Now that I've taken some time to look into rancher I'm really quite interested in switching the current plans for Backend@Dotfile to base it on that

Alright. I've finally gotten around to publishing my first *real* blog post and am really excited to present my next project: Part 0 of Backend@Dotfile is up now

greatly considering my next project being giving up on the pretense I don't do network engineering every day of my life and switching my home router to VyOS

Also I love the new KDE 5.21 UI tweaks, it+the new wallpaper makes me feel like I'm doing things a lot more high-tech than I actually am.

After a day of rest yesterday to collect my thoughts I think I might actually be able to come out with a blog post for my website today, and one I'm actually quite proud of?

Apparently I've had half finished blog posts on my website since I redesigned whitsio but they've just been not readily accessible and I had completely forgotten about them.

Finally updated my website. I've been meaning to forever but the way my docker setup works it makes it really difficult to update things like that manually.

Hopefully my next project will fix that.

an update to this, when copying and pasting something I typed out in said homework program into wolfram to check my answer, it gave it in LaTeX syntax. So why can't me do that?!?

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A basic understanding of LaTeX should be required in any higher level math class, especially in these circumstances

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